Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

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As important as global running day is I think we can all agree that the current state of many cities and states requires us to do more than just run.

We ask you, what can your run represent today? 

You ask how you can help support the cause, how you can help make sure that there’s no such thing as another George Floyd, another black life taken unnecessarily.

You can start today by thinking about the area that you live in or the area that you live near, are their any black owned businesses? Any barber shops? Food Shops, sweet shops, nail shops, accounting firms, funeral parlours, flower shops, grocery stores, schools libraries ANYTHING that is local to you and yours? Plot yourself a run and run to them whether they are open or closed. Take pictures, take video DOCUMENT DAT & share with your world. This is one of the many ways we as a community of runners can use our gift to inform and educate.

We will be out today being socially distant, hopefully we will see some of you from afar… speaking with your feet.

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