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Cory and long time friend and collaborator Mark Fleming came together and decided to hold Monday night zoom calls during the first lockdown. The purpose of these calls was to first and foremost act as support mechanism for friends both new and old who felt isolated during the pandemic. But also to help kickstart both ours and others creativity. Why? So not just ourselves but others can harness the power of our collective networks.


These virtual meetings hosted via zoom acted as a safe space for people to discuss not just business and projects but also to openly discuss mental health, racism and equality. Long lasting friendships were made and new business relationships forged.

The plan was to change the way that normal everyday people felt about track and speed and discomfort and feeling uncomfortable as unfortunately in running there are many ways to improve or progress but most will involve you being uncomfortable for a period of time. We told people this from the get go but told them we’d be there with them every step of the way. I think this is why they came, they could see we were passionate about what we were doing, what we were talking about and as time passed we had people from all walks of life coming both young and old. All the people who came were represented in our imagery and storytelling, therefore everyone felt that they were welcome and to us that’s one of the most important things about our team.


“Covid19 has given us the opportunity to reset & understand what truly makes us happy.”

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Track Mafia x Patta x Nike CollaborationTrack Mafia x Patta x Nike Collaboration

Track Mafia x Patta x Nike Collaboration



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Learning Curves

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